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We are a full-service auto glass shop, and as a result, we have used auto glass that’s been left over from previous jobs and orders. When we have a match, we can use this discounted glass for your car repairs, or to cut for your custom needs. We don’t carry everything, but we have a massive selection, and our staff will do everything they can to meet your needs.

Remember that discount glass never means unsafe glass. We do not sell glass that has been damaged or recalled. Everything in our used selection is in top condition and safe for use on your vehicle.

You can find a list of the used glass that we carry at the bottom of the page. Please call our shop if you don’t see what you need listed. We may still be able to accommodate you by finding an identical match or ordering the size that you need.

Looking for Used Auto Glass in Victoria, BC? We Can Help

Here is a sheet of the used auto glass we currently carry, ordered by make and model in most cases. Our stock changes constantly, so we may have the used glass that you need, even if you don’t yet see it listed here.

Please call with any questions about glass or your vehicle. We can be reached at: 250-474-5551

See our auto glass stock, available here.

Can I save money when I choose used glass?
Yes, our used glass is usually available at a discount compared to new glass. We have a collection of used glass that we’ve salvaged from other vehicles during window replacements and other services. While used, we carry only functional used glass without any cracks, chips or disfigurations.

For what makes and models do you carry used glass?
Our used glass selection is very dependent on availability. We make an effort to be able to serve as many of our customers with our used selection as we can, but we cannot guarantee that any particular piece is in stock. Fortunately, we can save you a trip if we can’t help you. We have a list of used glass that you can check for what you need. We can also always give you the help you need when you call.

Do you carry used glass for homes?
We do carry some used plate glass, and we can also custom produce or cut glass for your home projects.

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