Thermal Window Replacement Glass in Victoria

Thermal windows are a great way to keep the temperature in your house regulated for constant comfort and a lower price on your heating and cooling bills. Prevent heat loss in the winter and keep all your valuable cold air from your heat pump or air conditioner in the summer with windows that are better insulated than those on most homes.

We assist you by producing thermal windows based on your needs, including thermal window replacement glass. If you have a custom home, we can produce the custom-fit thermal glass you need to achieve comfort and a consistent temperature throughout your home. Please call or visit our shop in Victoria to learn more about how you can outfit your home with thermal windows.

Seal Repair for Thermal Glass

It’s easy to get used to the comfort that thermal windows provide, and as a result, it can be very frustrating when they fail. The proper operation of thermal windows relies on the seal between the two pieces of glass and the spacer bar. Even a small hole in the seal can mean that the effectiveness of the insulation is completely compromised.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to order an entirely new thermal window glass replacement pane when yours chips or cracks. We can repair and replace thermal windows so that they provide the comfort they were originally designed for. We offer mobile sealed unit replacement in the Westshore.


What sizes of thermal windows do you carry?

Our shop is able to produce or fulfill orders for most standard-sized thermal windows, so we are well-qualified to handle thermal glass window replacement. Additionally, we do offer thermal windows that have been sized to fit your needs. This is the best solution for customers who have unusually-sized windows, or windows that were once standard but are now out-of-style. For new or older homes, we have a thermal glass solution.

How do I order a custom size of thermal glass?

You can come to our thermal glass shop in Victoria, or place a call as long as you know the dimensions of the new thermal window that you’ll need. When it comes to large orders to fill entire homes, our friendly staff is happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

How often should seals in thermal windows be replaced?

Modern thermal windows are designed to have a long life, and it’s usually apparent when they aren’t working well anymore. If you notice an increase in drafts or that rooms are colder in spots near windows than they were previously, it may be time to consider having the seals replaced.

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