The Truth about Auto Glass Installations

A lot of people today do not realize that the windows in our vehicles are often not exactly as safe as we may think. The type of glass we have installed in our vehicles and the quality truly makes a massive difference. The cold, hard reality of the situation is that the windows in your vehicle actually contribute to how safe the people in your vehicle truly are when you are in a collision.

How Your Vehicle’s Windows Help To Keep You Safe

Imagine, for a moment, that you are driving down the street and someone hits you head on. The windows in your vehicle are actually responsible for thirty five percent of the structural integrity. In the same regard, if something heavy lands on the roof of your vehicle, your windows are responsible for the same thirty five percent of the structural integrity.

If your vehicle has an improper window installation job done, you are risking quite a bit. There have been situations, in the past, where people have been seriously injured or even met the end of their lives because of a bad accident in conjunction with a poor window installation.

The airbags in your vehicle are actually deployed against the windshield. Most people have no idea that this is how the system works. If your windshield is improperly installed, or if you have cracks in your windshield, the window will not perform the way that it is supposed to. As a result of this, passengers in the front that do not wear their seatbelts are at high risk for flying out the front of your vehicle in the event of a head on collision which is much more likely to result in serious injury or their demise.

In today’s modern vehicles, the airbags in the doors are still reliant on the windshield to deploy properly. If there is a crack in the windshield even, you are significantly risking potential injuries should you get into a collision.

The Shocking Truth

Should you ever partake in a rollover with your vehicle, your roof could potentially cave in if your windows are not properly installed. The amount of damage that could occur in this type of situation is pretty detrimental if you do not have the proper safety measures in place. The extents of the injuries that are possible in this type of accident include paralysis or death.

If you have a windshield installed, and it isn’t put in properly, your airbags are basically useless to you in a collision. When your windshield is improperly installed it can potentially pop out should you get into a collision. This is extremely problematic as passengers can fly out of the vehicle or get crushed by their vehicle not holding up to an unfortunate situation.

Properly Caring For Your Windshield

Most drivers today have no idea how important the windows truly are in the vehicle. As stated above, the windows help prevent your vehicle from crushing should a heavy object fall on the roof of your vehicle. If you have any chips, nicks, or cracks in your windshield it can dramatically reduce the structural integrity of the window itself within a few weeks of their appearance.

This can result in your windshield shattering should you get into a collision. Furthermore, having nicks, chips, or cracks can impair your ability to see clearly while you are driving. The best way to prevent issues with nicks, chips, or cracks in your windshield is to get a treatment done to fill these imperfections in before they cause any serious issues for you and your loved ones.

Installing Windows in Your Vehicle

Regardless of which window you are replacing in your vehicle, there are options available to you. It is best to go over all of your options with a trained professional in order to ensure you have the best match for your vehicle and the way you care for it. It is not recommended that you attempt to install any windows on your own, or have an amateur do the job for you. This is because windows are more important to keeping the roof of your vehicle stable while you are in a collision. If you do not properly install these windows, you are risking your safety and the safety of those who travel in your vehicle.

Additional Information

When it comes to the safety of those within your vehicle is it really a place to be taking risks? This is a question one must ask themselves before deciding to allow someone that does not have the proper training install the windows in their vehicle. Too many drivers in today’s society put little importance in the installation of their windows and opt to go with a cheaper alternative by using a less skilled technician.

Having someone that is not properly trained install your windshield may seem like a decent idea at the time, however, it is not exactly as cost effective as it may initially appear. Should your windows pop out and break, you are going to have to replace them again anyway. A good alternative to this type of situation is using a professional facility that offers used glass. Used glass is more cost effective without taking the unnecessary risks associated with using an amateur technician.

As with any toy of any calibre, your vehicle will work at its best when it is properly maintained and cared for. The harder you are on your vehicle, the less of a life span you will get. Modern windshields today are often made from laminated safety glass. This is typically a type of treated glass that consists of two curved sheets of glass with a laminated plastic layer between them for additional safety.

This unique window is then bonded to the frame of the vehicle to ensure it upholds its purpose of adding structural support to the frame of the vehicle. There is another type of glass that is commonly used within vehicles called tempered glass; however, it is less common than the laminated version of the same thing. Both of these glass types appear identical to the untrained eye when seen side by side. In a society where safety is such a huge concern for people, it is astonishing that car companies do not advertise the windshield’s in their vehicles as a safety feature.

Choosing A Safer Future for Us All

When it comes down to deciding what to do with your vehicle, regardless what alterations you may be considering, it is best to weigh out all your options first. When you are considering safety, you need to realize that this concerns not only the people within your vehicle, but also the people that are driving in other vehicles around you. Should you get into an unfortunate accident and your windows pop out or shatter, you are likely going to injure the people within your vehicle and potentially any pedestrians walking by or people in other vehicles with their windows open. Always do your research when deciding to do something new, and try to talk to your automotive professional for the best, up-to-date, advice.


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