Custom Cut Plate Glass Windows in Victoria

Van Isle Auto Glass is a full-service glass shop with services to match the needs of your home or vehicle. Our services include the replacement, repair and installation of special windows, including options such as vinyl. Our stock of special windows is large, and designed to meet the needs of driving and trucking professionals operating in and passing through British Columbia. We have since expanded our services to include flat plate glass windows for custom home and business needs.

Please call ahead if you have any questions about the services we provide. If it involves windows, it’s very likely we’ll be able to help you, and for an affordable price.

Plate Glass Services

Custom cut glass needs? You have them fulfilled here and pick them up right at our plate glass company. To meet the diverse needs of homeowners and businesses in the area, we stock glass of different thicknesses and patterns. Please call if you want to discuss unique needs or place a special order. Our staff are experts when it comes to glass, and can help you get the answers you need to finish your project. We want to be your plate glass window supplier

If you need glass for a patio railing, or are looking to build some custom glass shelves, we can help you.

Used Plate Glass

We carry a great selection of used plate glass that can make your order much more affordable than you budgeted. We can also use our chip-repair technology to handle small plate glass repairs. The custom cut glass that we carry can also be cut down into other sizes based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the glass services you offer?

We are known for our auto glass services, but we are actually a full-service glass store with the capability to handle many of the same services as a plate glass supplier. Ask about our thermal and vinyl windows for your home. We can manufacture plate glass windows for your patio doors, specialty windows and other custom needs.

What types of plate glass can you create?

If you have a custom project that requires plate glass, it’s very likely that we can help you. Please contact us directly with the needs of your project, and we’ll be able to tell you if we have the equipment to handle your order. We can cut and create unique shapes for your needs, so please don’t hesitate to call us if you want to talk to an expert.

Can you handle orders for Marine glass?

We can create most sizes of custom flat glass, meaning we will often be able to help you with flat glass needs on your boat, including the windshield and cabin windows. We can also handle plate glass repairs for marine windows damaged by chips. Some marine glass may need to be made to a specific strength in order to be safe on the water. Please consult your owner’s manual for specifications before installing any custom glass yourself.

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