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As a provider of ICBC Express in Victoria, we can make your auto glass replacement claims easy and hassle-free. We work directly with ICBC to handle the entire claims process, so that you can focus on your vehicle.

We are based just out of Downtown Victoria, and we are well-situated to offer ICBC Express to Langford customers and others in the area. While we can help walk-in customers, an appointment is preferred for customers making claims. Our friendly staff will take you through the paperwork and schedule the windshield repairs your vehicle needs.

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Windshield Replacement | Victoria BC

Auto Glass Replacement and Repair for Your Safety

Windshields are responsible for 35% of the structural integrity of the vehicle in cases of roof crush or head-on collision. Since the strength of your glass makes up more than a third of the protection you rely on, it’s important that your glass be in top condition.

People have been hurt or killed needlessly by unsafe windshield installation. Many people don’t realize that front-seat passenger airbags deploy against the windshield! When the windshield is cracked it doesn’t tolerate pressure the way it’s meant to, and may collapse.

As a result, passengers who aren’t properly wearing a seatbelt can be ejected from the vehicle and through the windshield in the event of a front-end collision. A passenger ejected from a vehicle is much more likely to experience a serious injury or death.

It’s important to choose professionals to handle your glass replacement, and to repair your windshields as soon as they develop noticeable cracks or chips.

Cracked Windshields Jeopardize Your Personal Safety

In a rollover accident, if the windshield doesn’t hold, the roof can cave in, causing serious injury or death. “Serious Injury” includes paralysis caused by crushing a passenger’s spine. In any event, passenger-side airbags in today’s vehicles, depend on the windshield for proper operation.

If the windshield is cracked, it will quickly weaken to the point of becoming highly unsafe and therefore incapable of protecting you. Another problem is improper replacement of windshields. If they aren’t replaced correctly, they could “pop out” in a collision and render the air bag useless.

Make an Auto Claim and Get Repairs

Cracked windshields weaken after just a few weeks of exposure and put you in serious danger. Fortunately, our repairs are effective against even large cracks, so you can save money on a full replacement. If you need a replacement, we can provide one, possibly from our affordable stock of used glass.

To set up an appointment today, call: 250-474-5551

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