Holiday Gifting Ideas

Happy Holidays from Van Isle Auto Glass!!
At Van Isle Auto Glass we take Safety Seriously, no matter what time of the year it is.
But if you would like to help a loved one be safer on the road, & you are looking for a Christmas gift that shows you care, Van Isle Auto Glass can help.

Buy a Safety Package in a Gift Card & know your money was well spent. Ideas listed below come from our customers.

* New Wiper blades&Rain Repellent glass treatment.

* Pay for a Deductible towards a new windshield.

  • Buy a Professional Tint Package

* Replace a broken window at your home.

* Replace a side view mirror.

Please note that at Van Isle, we also take customer service very seriously! Your loved one will come away feeling very well taken care of…and while they wait for the service, they can have a Free Cup of Coffee at Floyd’s Diner!

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