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Are your headlights working properly?

Our advanced 3 step process to clean, polish and protect restoring your headlights to their factory-new appearance. Introductory Price starting at $45.


Dull, ineffective headlight lenses are a bigger safety risk than you might think. Clouded lenses can reduce the amount of light illuminating the road by as much as 90%. The oxidized plastic refracts the light that is passing through the lens cover, creating a glare that is distracting to other drivers. Your vehicle’s headlights should light the road at least 150 feet in front of you. If they do not, you do not have enough advance visual warning to avoid a potentially dangerous and expensive accident.


Our system removes fine scratches and haze from clouded oxidized plastic headlight lenses. It lifts dirt and oils out of hairline scratches as the abrasives level the edges to reduce their appearance. This restores the shine and optical clarity of your headlights.


diamondite headlight restorationOur system includes Liquid Armor to protect the newly restored headlight lens from future oxidation and UV damage with durable polymers. Polymers fill in the microscopic grooves and pores of the plastic to completely block out moisture, dirt, and UV radiation. Clear Plastic Liquid Armor contains the strongest UV shield available in a plastic protectant. This water-based formula will not dry out plastic surfaces, and it leaves a clear, protective gloss.

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