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If you need a glass replacement or repair specialist, it helps to choose a premier company that has a long history of serving customers in the Vancouver area. Van Isle Auto Glass has such a reputation. They have existed since 1998 and are conveniently located close to Victoria and Langford in Canada. The company also has a membership with the Better Business Bureau, meaning that customers can feel safe entrusting their vehicles to a company like Van Isle Auto Glass. You can also receive a variety of services from this company that can improve clarity and make driving safer.

Auto Glass Services for Driving Safety

Van Isle Auto Glass works alongside ICBC Glass Express to provide you with the best auto glass on the market. The company takes care of windshield replacements and also makes repairs. If you’ve noticed a crack anywhere on the glass of your car, especially your windshield, you will need to make repairs sooner than later. In the case of a windshield chip or crack, you must get this repaired immediately. The reasons for this are multiple. Firstly, the windshield is actually a crucial component in the structure of your vehicle. Without it, the roof of your car can easily fall in on itself, causing potential injury and even death to the driver and passengers.

Secondly, a chip or crack in the windshield can easily lead to complete windshield breakage. What may just start out as a tiny crack can easily expand until your entire windshield collapses. Once again, this could cause severe injury to the driver and front seat passengers. Besides that, replacing an entire windshield can be expensive. It’s best to repair a chipped or cracked windshield as soon as the incident happens to save money and prevent injuries and damage.

At Van Isle Auto Glass, you can contact them to set up an appointment as soon as you have any windshield damage. You can then get an estimate and set up a claim.

Repairing Chips and Cracks is a Necessity

Sometimes rocks or pieces of gravel are the culprit for causing cracks or chips in your windshield or other glass on your vehicle. As mentioned above, you should not and cannot wait to get such cracks or chips fixed at the risk of severe injury like potential paralysis and even death. At the Van Isle Auto Glass Victoria shop, you can get a repair done in only about 20 minutes. You don’t even have to take time off of work to get the repairs done; you can instead head over to Van Isle during your lunch break.

When Van Isle Auto Glass repairs your windshield chips or cracks, they do so permanently so that the piece of repaired glass isn’t weaker than the rest of the windshield and thus susceptible to further damage and possible breakage. In fact, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between the repaired portion of your windshield and the rest of the glass. Even better, Van Isle Auto Glass uses a non-weathering type of glass that can easily withstands changes in the weather and the elements. No other portions of the windshield, such as the attaching parts or the sealing, are touched.

Rocks or pieces of gravel may have caused various types of damage. The chip may be variously shaped, including looking similar to a star, a half moon, or a bull’s eye. Those are the most common shapes, but a crack or chip can embody any type of shape or even a combination of all of the above.

The Benefits of Fixing Your Windshield Chips or Cracks

Beyond the necessity of windshield repairs in the case of a chip or crack, you also get several benefits. These include, as mentioned above, maintaining the seal that came with the windshield. Beyond that, the non-weathering glass that Van Isle Auto Glass utilizes can actually make your windshield glass more powerful than it was before repairs. Instead of just applying a sealant, Van Isle uses a technique that smooths down the glass so that it’s uniform with the rest of the windshield. This means that you won’t have any issues using your windshield wipers since they won’t catch on the repaired glass.

Other benefits are more obvious but still helpful. You may currently have issues with visibility if the crack in your windshield has spread and become large. Once you get the crack or chip repaired, these visibility issues disappear, allowing you to focus on driving safely. Also, another obvious but necessary benefit is that quick repair, as mentioned above, prevents the need for you to replace the entire windshield.

Other Means of Improving Driving Visibility

Of course, if you work with Van Isle Auto Glass, you can also get other glass services that will improve your visibility while driving. Van Isle also offers Aquapel, a glass treatment that improves visibility during weather conditions like snow or rain. Even in cases when you’re not dealing with inclement weather, Aquapel can remove glass obstructions that distract or detract from your ability to drive with clarity.

When you receive an Aquapel treatment on your car’s glass, you’ll experience a reduction in marks from rain or salt water. You’ll also experience a reduction in the amount of glare that you see from headlights or taillights when driving at night. Van Isle Auto Glass can easily apply an Aquapel treatment to your windshield and other car glass. You do have to return to Van Isle every now and again to get a fresh coating of Aquapel, but this only takes a few minutes. Once you drive with Aquapel, you’ll find that you never want to go without it again.

Glass services like Van Isle Auto Glass can benefit the driver greatly. By quickly repairing chips or cracks in your windshield, you prevent the need for expensive windshield replacement, maintain the structural integrity of your car, and make sure that your times on the road are safe. Treatments like Aquapel can also improve visibility on the road in inclement weather or at night.


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