Any Driver Can Benefit From an Aquapel Treatment

Aquapel treatments can make a huge difference when it comes to your vehicle. Few people have heard of the term, Aquapel, but they have never bothered to question what it is exactly. The beauty of this is that Aquapel is beneficial to anyone who drives and is an essential part of keeping millions of drivers and their family’s safe each year.

What Exactly Is Aquapel?

Have you ever found yourself driving in the rain to realize that you cannot see as clearly as you were hoping? This happens to the best of us. As we age, our vision begins to deteriorate and we begin to see less clearly. Unfortunately, when it comes to things like rainy weather, a lot of people have an increasingly difficult time seeing through the rain despite having their windshield wipers activated.

An Aquapel treatment is designed to allow the average driver to see better in rainy weather conditions. This exciting technological breakthrough can be applied to any window and delivers an extreme difference in visibility on the road.

Basically, Aquapel is a long lasting window treatment that delivers a unique way to repel rain without any streaks that will offer improved vision during ugly weather days. Aquapel also makes it much easier to remove ice, snow, and dirt from your vehicle’s windows. The unique Aquapel treatment will reduce the amount of glare you see during rainy days, especially at night, and it will help to reduce water marks and keep down salt water.

How Aquapel Works

The Aquapel technology was originally designed for aviation technology. A unique bond is created during the installation process between the glass and the Aquapel technology. This bond increases the repellency of water, snow, ice, and helps increase the visibility in foggy conditions, rainy conditions, and snowy weather conditions.

The Aquapel system uses fluorinated compounds that apply in minutes and form a chemical bond with the glass window creating a flawless finish. This system needs to be applied on a clean and dry window surface and lasts months longer than the silicone competitor products.

Why Should I Bother With An Aquapel Treatment?

The first and most prominent reason you should consider getting an Aquapel treatment done on your vehicle’s windows is because of the improved vision it offers you which will allow you to avoid a lot of nasty situations before they occur. When it comes down to the safety of your family, friends, and loved ones is it really worth taking a chance? If you look at pictures of before and after an Aquapel treatment, you will clearly see how beneficial this treatment can be and how it could easily pay for itself by keeping you and those you care dearly for safe when they’re travelling in your vehicle.

The Aquapel treatment actually prolongs the life of your windshield wipers. How does this work you ask? It’s actually quite simple. The system repels rain from your windshield (and any window you choose to have the treatment done on) which allows you to slow down the speed of your windshield wipers. At a speed of 50 mph, in decently heavy rain, you are able to set your windshield wipers to the lowest setting and still see clearly as you are driving.

Things I should Consider When Thinking about Having an Aquapel Treatment Done

It is important to note that the Aquapel treatment works better as you pick up speed. While you are driving slowly it will not be as clear as when you are driving at the normal speed limit. The results that were achieved by this system in daytime opposed to night time are basically the same. Both tests produced extremely positive results which were somewhat shocking. Unfortunately, when you are driving in a situation where you have oncoming traffic, the glare from the other vehicles headlights significantly reduces visibility during dusk and early evening time.

The Aquapel system was designed to clear rain from your windshield, however, it also has the ability to help remove snow, ice, and improve visibility in foggy conditions. Many tests have been run on the system to ensure it actually holds up to the claims made by the manufacturers, and the results of these tests have been the same. The visibility enhancement tends to be better in snowy and foggy conditions, however, it works impressively well in rainy and icy conditions as well.

The Aquapel system is not a permanent solution to your visibility while driving. Unfortunately, it does eventually wear off and you’ll have the treatment done again. This unique system will need to be reapplied every five to six months, however, it will ensure you are able to see clearly while it is working at its prime.

How Much Aquapel Costs

The Aquapel is a surprisingly affordable. For around twenty five dollars, you can have your windshield treated with the Aquapel system. Again, this will last about five to six months and can be easily reapplied by going back to the professional you had do the treatment in the first place. You can have any window on your vehicle done. However, it would cost additional charges per window you wish to have treated.

Additional Information

There is a special Aquapel glass cleaner you can purchase that will allow you to clean your windows without damaging the treatment on the glass. This is handy as most people would prefer to prolong the life of their treatments, regardless of how expensive they may be, as long as possible. As with anything in life, the better you care for your Aquapel treated window, the more value and life you will get from the treatment.

Unlike other treatments that can leave an ugly film over your window, Aquapel uses a system that forms a chemical bond with the glass giving you a longer lasting finish that is completely washable and lasts for up to six months.

With the Aquapel system, rain will simply bead up and roll off of your window. This is quite similar to the effect of microfiber couches and clothing as water does the same on that material. If you have any microfiber items around, then you will understand how beneficial this system can be for drivers all over the world.

When it rains out, visibility is rather poor. Windows get all foggy and it is difficult to see clearly in front of you. With the Aquapel system, glare at night time is something you will no longer worry about. The system was specifically designed to allow greater visibility at night time.

The Bottom Line

When it truly comes down to things, you need to consider what is best for you. If you are one of those people who are usually on the fence when it comes to purchases like this, you will be contented to know that the product is cost effective and if you don’t like it while you have it installed, you do not have to reinstall it after the initial coating wears off. Amongst people who have had the Aquapel treatment done, ninety percent of customers return within six months to have the treatment reapplied.

Most accidents that involve vehicles in today’s society are related to impaired vision in some way, shape, or form. When you realize this, it makes the importance of clear visibility much more abundantly apparent. The better you can see, the better your odds of getting to where you need to go in one piece are. It is surprising that so few people have heard of the Aquapel system given that people put so much importance on safety today. Let’s face it; our weather has been getting increasingly unpredictable lately.

Would you rather take your chances and risk being caught in a bad storm and having to drive an hour or so to get home, or would you prefer to simply have everything done in your power to ensure you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you? When it comes down to it, the safety of your family, friends, and loved ones is in your hands while you’re driving them. An Aquapel treatment will not guarantee you will get into a collision; however, it will significantly reduce the odds of that happening.


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